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Clash Royale
new trophy update hurt because i dont know what trophy range I belong in now ////: im at 5200 and i face anywhere from level 10s to level 13s with cards from lvl9 to max decks, its really hard to enjo...
Advice for 2nd year in high school?
for legit advice added on to #63, just go with the flow man, stay out of drama and just be a chill person, you won't be the only new person there. plus. if stuff is/starts to downing/down you, figure ...
ATK vs Lazarus
maybe ATK will do what cats did and get s1mple to sub in and win them the match ez
ATK vs Lazarus
ATK without TenZ LUL
most kills in MM game
39 today on overpass, guy on other team had 50 lmao
Esl bracket a fucking joke
i feel like with faze having more time/experience etc. with neo, they have a chance of doing super well. that is of course as long as they play as well as they did at dreamhack
best AIMER in cs go . not player
Which is why OP says aimer, not player. Twistzz and NAF are great players in general, they have great aim and game sense so they're good players, however people such as ScreaM is just pure aim, not th...
best AIMER in cs go . not player
correct me if i'm wrong, it means a player with really good aim but no real gamesense, at least compared to others.
Top 10 players this year
anything can happen in the second half of this year
MIBR vs Viva Algeria
ez 4 algeria
Virtus.pro vs Uruguay
ENCE vs Renegades
Chaos vs Unicorns of Love
UoL 16-6 Chaos
Liquid vs Astralis
pretty sure it went up to almost 60k if i’m not mistaken (like 58k or so?)