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KennyS to C9
idk why, but I just want c9 mixwell, I know that he said he didnt want to join a international team but gahh shit would be sick though.
C9 Fifth
are you serious where have you been? Have you been hiding under a rock? That shit was everywhere. Here even forbes did an article on it LOL
Job 10k/month
10k a month is quite large, but remotely I would say you'd have to do some sort of support. Maybe a tech support for a company located in the location where the pay is high. It does consider little to...
Honestly, I found out that the best way to learn any language is to watch movies of that language with subtitles in your language. English isnt my first language, but that's how I learned and if you h...
cerq laugh thread
Any team can lose to vega. Many people consider vega to be a tier 3 team but tbh any tier 1 team can be upsetted by this team. Theyre versatile and as faze have described them in the past unreadable ...
NRG vs North
rip McSkillet
/Open We Fuck Allah LUL /Close
Liquid vs Cloud9
Liquid FIXES
Fix liquid: doesn't need fixing because they're capable of actually competing against astralis. Edit: Matter of fact they're capable of defeating or competing against any team.
Predictions of Bracket Faceit Major
I hope col surprises and beats MIBR. Only match Im actually interested in are CoL's to see how far they will take this.
OpTic vs Ghost
LUL Optic Trash
Remove one Country
>NK or Syria
If you're new I wouldnt start with C++ as a beginner's language and start with python instead, but if you already have the fundamentals down of another language than going to c++ would be easier. If y...
best type of beer [+18]
I really enjoy drinking blue moon. I havent tried german or irish beer though and I've heard they're quite smooth and nice. I hope one-day to travel there just to try the beer.
best way for c9
0/8 lol Golden isnt a bad igl either. If we're able to replace styko with a "better" lurker or a player with more fire power Id think we'd do fine.