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Remove one Country
>NK or Syria
If you're new I wouldnt start with C++ as a beginner's language and start with python instead, but if you already have the fundamentals down of another language than going to c++ would be easier. If y...
best type of beer [+18]
I really enjoy drinking blue moon. I havent tried german or irish beer though and I've heard they're quite smooth and nice. I hope one-day to travel there just to try the beer.
best way for c9
0/8 lol Golden isnt a bad igl either. If we're able to replace styko with a "better" lurker or a player with more fire power Id think we'd do fine.
-device +random Danish gold nova
0/8 bait. NA would like to disown this guy and donate him to EU.
Pros: Should Retire
This is the list of hltv Players who should retire from csgo and disappear from hltv immediately Immediate ---------------------------------------------------- V1rus_ I know it hurts , but it's tru...
+100 + 1 = 101
R8 this girl
Looks like sid from ice age. Reference: 0/10 btw, I'd rather be gay then hit that.
c9 less na than MIBR is BR
Brazilians have the lowest IQ, therefore just let them have their fun. No point in arguing with monkeys.
B1ad3 to replace karrigan
Shouldve kept xizt and kicked karrigan when they had the chance lol
I think if I remember correctly cold did say he wanted to play with Niko. So if thats the case faze kick someone +cold?
MiBR will win the next major ([not bait])
>MIBR wins major >MIBR loses to Team Liquid pick one. BTW TL > MIBR
Croatia laugh thread !!!!
Asian girls
LMFAO +111111111111111111111
m_rawinput 0 fix?
solution is to go back to previous version of windows