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What is the best mouse on the market?
Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom
Yeah but that's why no teams want him anymore, he left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths.
F3 Roster ( From #1 F3 Fan )
This is pretty much a new team though, so Lollipop21k and WE might reconsider. I don't really rate wayLander, but even if he's decent you'd be better off with a young talented player with potential ...
Koosta's problem is that he's an actual retard, see: all his fail highlights and Shahzam is good but in tier 3, and a lot of people don't like him because of him exposing the IBUYPOWER scandal the way...
F3 Roster ( From #1 F3 Fan )
B1ad3 (Coach) jR (IGL, AWPer) Keshandr (Rifler) Lollipop21k (Rifler) Worldedit (Lurker, 2nd AWPer) Flarich (Entry fragger) Still pretty bad but what can you do, F3's never gonna have the best, or ev...
EliGE (entry fragger) Tarik (Lurker, IGL) autimatic (Support) Ethan (2nd entry) Twistzz (Rifler) Seang@res (coach) No need for an AWPer, all NA AWPers are bots. Nifty is the best and he's 0.99-1.00...
mibr should be like this
felps > botz
Best moment from csgo majors
When felps 37 bombed
Players with Most MVP's
felps 19
HS' recent form : AWFUL
IGLing ruins players
To men 6 foot or taller
If they're taller than 6'0" they aren't women, so no.
most wasted talent ?
Hobbit being in Gambit makes me sad seeing how good he was before trying to IGL.
what will make you happy
FaZe and Astralis losing the major.
No, top 20 guaranteed though. I'd wager somewhere around 15th or 18th place unless MIBR start to destroy everyone again and tarik continues to be a solid player and not end up shit like boltz and felp...
jks tier 1 player
Would be cool to see him on Cloud9.