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Ok zoomer
best csgo scene
We have a fair amount of up-n-comers Edit: If we're talking fans, then probably poland
best csgo scene
pfffff obviously denmark
there are 2 genders
;) Guten Abend, mein Freund.
there are 2 genders
I completely agree, and I try to be as accepting as possible. And I'm not trying to debate your science, but when it comes to what we can consider a separate sex, it's very debatable.
there are 2 genders
If I was a doctor, I'd do the same. But generally speaking, I wouldn't consider it a seperate sex.
there are 2 genders
I agree that it is a physical condition of someones body, but calling it a seperate sex, would imply that it has some biological function like the male and female sexes have. Nonetheless I agree with ...
there are 2 genders
I don't know how it is in Germany, but I've never heard Intersex being an accepted sex. Considering the fact that only about 0,5% of the population in Denmark identify as intersex, I don't think it sh...
yes give me glory
[+16] rate grill
Pretty bombastic then.
closest major city to you?
Jönköping, I believe. nvm. just realized what you actually meant
Smelliest Country
Gypsyland is just eastern Europe and Turkey. That includes Hungary
Gender equality
Male sports usually have more competitors and get more viewers than female sports. Therefore male sport racks in more money. It's simply a matter of peoples choices, not the coorporations being sexist...
Greatest country in the World
usa 0% vietnam war winrate
No they're not. They're part of the danish commonwealth, just like Canada is a part of the british commonwealth. We have no direct control over them.