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HLTV is full of haters and trolls. In almost every thread you can clearly see users just hating and insulting each other. Users are very aggresive.
lol wtf? 2013-2019 top 20 and 3x major winner. What else should a player achieve to be considered as a goat? I'm far away from being a fan of astralis or device but dude...
G2 > Vitality
2019's version of kennyS is already better than ZywOo and #1 sniper. Based on performance. ZywOo has to prove his "performance" vs top teams which kennyS has already done too many times. P.S. We alre...
G2 > Vitality
I replied to you by mistake. And ok - keep convincing yourself.
G2 > Vitality
I replied to #55 about if it was 2014. Even in 2019 he is better. As snipers it's really a shame to compare them. If you regret to see that it's your own problem.
G2 > Vitality
If it was 2014 it would be a shame to compare these 2 players... and yes he is... If you compare them as snipers how fanboy may one be to prefer ZywOo over kenny - can't imagine.
G2 > Vitality
Saying ZywOo > kennyS is just ridiculous. kenny is way more better.
[18+] Small Penis
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[18+] Small Penis
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[18+] Small Penis
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[18+] Small Penis
1. Do some jelqing exercises. 2. In order to compensate - improve your oral sex skills and strengthen your two fingers. 3. Try to last longer. 4. Be passionate.
G2 VS Vitality
"Zywoo > kennyS AWP - Zywoo" Dude, are you trolling us? :D Haven't read such nonsense for a veeery long time.
g2 is cheating
lol ye sure...
Shox & kenny washed? ok haters
They did it in the past, they will do it in the future. Nobody on earth can fairly say that shox or kenny are beasts only against lower teams. shox is insane and kenny made some literraly incredible f...
kenny omgg