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I think he is but I made the list without ranking.
kennyS Device ZywOo Cerq s1mple/allu/GuardiaN
He's not underrated. I basically haven't seen posts against him. Most fans including me like him a lot because he is definitely really good. I consider him as another star player.
GamerLegion vs ex-Epsilon
Do you understand why stupid and useless this post is?
GamerLegion vs ex-Epsilon
Why ScreaM doesn't play?
ScreaM is ScreaM +1 He was always sad because he was removed from G2 and has always been wanting to rejoin them. I'm really sure if ScreaM returns back to G2 he will gain that motivation which will r...
G2 and vitality
Both. I'm a fan of G2 because of kennyS and shox and have always been wanting ScreaM to join them. If shox joins vitality I will cheer for both of them.
best awpers in the history
Without ranking: kennyS GuardiaN device FalleN s1mple
kennyS - Insane flicks, fast and smooth movement, the best sniper. shox - One of the best skilled player, rifler, aimer and one tapper of the world. Love his playstyle. ScreaM - Of the best aimer and ...
G2 will replace Lucky
If the roster change is going to happen let it be ScreaM and my dream trio will come true <3
Dream team
Yea, maybe but beyond igling NBK has a good firepower.
Nicest pro players?
GTR, papito, fer, FalleN, maybe f0rest. Do not know about others.
Dream team
kennyS shox ScreaM JaCkz/ZywOo NBK (IGL)
Top 3 AWPers
Without ranking... kennyS ZywOo s1mple
ScreaM refuses Amanek's handshake
ScreaM shaked hand with AmaNEk and with Lucky after him. So do not spread false information.