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astralis eva over
Who could have expected that only attenting trash events like Blasts would have this kind of impact on the team ?
Astralis #2 after dreamhack masters
Can't believe astralis players are fine losing their rank from not even attenting tournaments.
Thorin salty peanut
It was obvious that intending only tier 2 events would make them sink at some point.
xyp9x major mvp?
Magisk and Xyp9x are both 1.28 right now but Magisk was top rating for both quarter and semi finals. I guess it comes down to Inferno.
MSL was the problem
Major's slot system is the problem
Yeah, but overall it was just so close between them if you take into account the whole tournament. I have no idea tbh how they took the decision.
I guess it's because magisk was more impactfull on cache, while dupreeh had a great game on overpass but astralis still lost hard.
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
Magisk mvp plsplspls
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
Dupreeh tryharding to steal mvp from magisk.
Vitality vs Kinguin
Flag checked
Vitality vs Kinguin
Vitality throwing every anti-eco, but somehow kinguin is throwing even harder.
Legit mvp considering Naf wasn't so far ahead of device and lost in the end. However, most of his other mvp were stolen from his mates.
explain this
Also simple had more assists and opening frags, idk how much it matters in rating 2.0 though.
LUL Device
Magisk not having an mvp while device keeps getting all of them with very little margin is annoying tbh. Other Astralis members don't get the recognition they deserve.
G2 xdddxdx
G2 5th best french team.