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why hltv hate ence?
because of that song
gym supplements?
man I wouldn't drink creatine each day for more than half a year. I would rather do 1 month breaks between 2 months of intake. Protein can be drunk however more, but still, keep in mind breaks for the...
To everyone suggesting non-Russian speaking players in Navi, forget it. Navi is powerful because of the right communication, which will never be the same level if not held in russian.
Europe without refugees
The only thing that bothers me is the current youth, which was influenced by the aggressive, ghetto-style of communication and behavior, coming merely from the Middle East. People who live in Germany...
What about hashish
csgo update
very well said, sir
Na'Vi shouldn't win Starladder Major
Are you really interested or trying to goof around?
Na'Vi shouldn't win Starladder Major
All those sayings are really happening, and that's sad! There are many mind-limited people who say this, however, that's not a reason not to want to win wtf!
Admins Making HLTV A Racist Place?
Your saying is not racists but becomes debatable if you try to get deep into the meaning. However, I would find that jungle interesting as well, therefore, I'd not claim it as racist.
i approve nobody will expect mm tactics at major, best strategy
Gays in gym
sarcasm, man. I was impressed of hearing such an opinion considering the traditional Russian thinking and the human rights situation in Russia. NE KIPISHUY
Gays in gym
hearing this from a russian does not make sense, mate
Where is NaVi?
when did that happen? 4-5 years ago? I can't stand even one minute watching videos of s1mple of that time, he was toxic, arrogant, not educated - I agree to all of that. But he changed, and if we wer...
Where is NaVi?
he paid his debts. admitted to his mistakes. What does he have to do? Start each game with a tribute to your disrespectful entity?
FaZe -NEO -olof -GuardiaN
he must be really clean now