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best polish lineup
Honestly, I really hope that the old VP lineup can settle their differences and just reunite again. TaZ Snax Pasha Byali NEO
Good song recommendations
Here's my playlist, feel free to browse :) Mainly pop and rock from 80s-early 2000s
TACO stand in MIBR
They could probably do ok by playing with their coach "DEAD"
niches to make money
Retail arbitrage
I cut my own hair recently as well. Next time use the safer attachment that cuts less hair. Then you can cut a little more if you have to.
Which pro retiring would "damage" the scenes the most?
I was hoping someone would say TaZ. I have mad respect for that man, his sportsmanship in the game is nothing compared to everyone else in the community. I will always remember these three special m...
Spacestation vs Think Outside the Box
Lol cut it close there!
Spacestation vs Think Outside the Box
Where did you bet?
Mibr doens't have a fix
-Stewie2k, -Tarik +Boltz, +Taco
Black prosin csgo
rugrat, YOUYOU
navi astralis veto
Navi remove Cache Astralis remove Train Navi pick Mirage Astralis pick Nuke Navi remove Overpass Astralis remove Dust 2 Inferno decider
15€ Prize Pool Lodon Major Predictions
Still need more time?
SS-rogue map veto
One of the most wholesome comments I've seen on HLTV in a long time. Thank you for your comment.
15€ Prize Pool Lodon Major Predictions
1. Kjaerbye 2. Device 3. Dupreeh 4. NAF 5. Woxic
It'll probably be out before the end of the week.