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Its actually depends.To my mind the easiest one is English `cause I used to study at interpretator/translator department.My first language was English and the second was german/It aws fcking rough tim...
Like not all of russians are such cunts there are always some percentage of ordinary people and players as well.I guess the political influence plays it role.Like in Soviet Union:(
Dupreeh tweet
That kinda sad,but it is actually true.On the other hand in big cities such as Kiev,Kharkov,Lviv salary is a bit higher then average one:(((((((
Stay strong Ukraine!
we have smth like u had in 1938 dude,did your people feel strong?
Putin wants all ex sovjiet countries
It feels sad that we will (probably) have to fight russians :((( I thought my life will go other way:(
Putin wants all ex sovjiet countries
I guess situation w/ Czhekoslovakia at 1938 fits better
I'll guess your Football team
Germany not flat I guess in Brazil it will be much fuunier than in Afghan:D
Today is my birthday
Gratz!!!!:DI wish best of luck,being a happy person and becone whoever u want! -Have a nice day coz it is your day Be happy and never give up
Navi fans so quiet
I guess they got tilted after 1st map,we saw it w/ other rosters and 2nd map was just totally awful from Navi side so ye.GG Liquid #NAHOPE -Have a nice day:D
Ukraine is not CIS (prove me wrong)
I just want to say that the majority of Ukr doesnt hate russians `coz we understand that it isnt their fauly but fault of goverment which they elected so we feel a bit sad about.For instance I have me...
my dads anger issues and my sturgles.
Everzthing will be ok in your life in the nearest future.U will grow as a mental-strong person.Maybe even u gonna to go pro at cs who knows?:D But do not fall down.Keep being stronger and u will succe...
Crimea is Russia?
Actually I live i central part of Ukraine and we can speak either russian and ukrainian.So i can not say that all apart western part is RF
FaZe not EU
i guess Bosnia is EU tbh:D