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forsaken was an intelligent guy
wtf he was an NITian, lol he easily could have had an easy life had he not entered the cheating community or CS community for that matters
i hate astralis fans
Why? I like a team so I will become a fan of it, what's wrong with that? Sure there are some delusional fans who go on lengths to defend their teams, but that is their problem.
Yes a lot of Eastern Europeans and Russians come down here, some of your girls are really beautiful! You are invited to come again, it has developed quite a lot from 2008. I'll assure you good seafood...
I have lived in Northern states like Punjab etc. They get really cold like 1 degree Celsius, but accd to European countries this might be not considered very cold. Of course Himalayan states are cold...
I hate winter too, good thing is I live in India so not that hard winters.
Does pros have HLTV account??
would be great if you could provide me the link would like to see that video
Indeed what a clutch
Congratz dev1ce!
+1, sometimes he carries, sometimes he bottom frags.
CS GO 200 IQ
it's just another game mode man, like demolition and flying scoutsmen, to cater the needs of casual players. Real competitive CSGO will always be there.
Device overrated
You can not deny he is the best player right now in CSGO.
I really don't want that to happen or else what you say might be true
No he wasn't IMO, he was getting kills every round
+1 really a god like player