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ahahaha.. russian humor
How You Answer A CALL? on a serious note, "halo" = hello, obviously
ColdGame vs ohyea
Poor guy.. Hope he's gonna be alright
Free Agents vs Windowtrick
Does Coldgame play today?
sick frags, sick edit, dramatic music, 9/10
Rate her 1-10
Blonde hair - probably stupid Big nose - snores and breathes like a dog fucked up teeth - cant suck a d properly England T shirt - has a annoying accent if from England overall 1.5/10 would not ...
Do not click if u might have any kind of seizures/bad reactions to a shitload of colors shining all over the place. Watching just 10 seconds of this video actually gave me a headache. Also, go choke o...
*GIRL* from my class in school
SOME calm music to play dm vollume 0 ? > listen now > chillout dreams / vocal chillout
OKC vs. Heat 5th game
Dont want the season to end yet.. 2 more games and I'm happy, don't really care who wins, but Miami deserves it more, simply because Scott Brooks is a really, really mediocre coach
Cyx RIP fragmovie :(
you didnt even watch the movie, huh
Cyx RIP fragmovie :(
Spurs vs OKC
Gonna go to 7 games, Spurs are stronger, but I really hope the Thunder wins it all this year. 4-3 for Thunder.
for the girls!!
I'm just gonna tell u.. u aint gonna be quite the Casanova with 14 cm.
for the girls!!