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im uninstalling csgo
Kanye vs Kendrick
Both are shit.
G2 is back
No. Cus people are too hyped. I like g2, but it's too early to say. They lost against Windigo just a few days ago. But they are better than they were a month ago, that's true.
[18+]r8 my girlfriend
So, u just said that she's ugly. Damn, bf of the year, "no beauty", fake flagger
Top 10 metal bands
Yea i know ;d
Top 10 metal bands
I enjoy some of Nickelback's music, but there are lots of people who call them metal and that's retarded af. I don't hate Nickelback, I hate most of their fanbase
Top 10 metal bands
1. Nickelback
Why is bodyy in g2????
They need brains with aim, not aim with no brains. ScreaM is not the one. He has damn good aim, but his logical thinking is even worse than bodyy's
AWP overpowered
No-one in low ranks is going to shoulderpeek or be careful with that, they just run out and try to shoot. That's why it's easier to kill them with awp than with rifles.
G2 vs Windigo
You're the reason why sometimes I'm ashamed to be a human. It doesn't mean shit that we're next to Russia. I have no russian relatives or smth. You don't even get the point that I never spoke about la...
G2 vs Windigo
Dude, you are from poland. It's European version of Russia. Most toxic people come from these 2 countries, you are just proving that it's actually true.
AWP overpowered
+1 Silver looking for attention. probs just was destroyed by a smurf with awp. sad. :(
NORTH ranking
None of my fav teams are playing, so, i couldn't care less. Just a shoutout to the rat (Kjaerbye).
NORTH ranking
Na'S1 had 90% winrate in Mirage, while Ghost had 13%, the only difference - Na'S1 are playing agaist t1 teams, but Ghost are playing against t3 teams.