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Bolsonaro's son in Hungary
Such as?
blast format
Liquid just beat Astralis fair and square, they have no reason for trowing. Astralis era is over.
i have at least one episode/month, i already got used so it does not scary me anymore. My key to waking up/regaining control of my body is focusing in moving my toes.
Windigo vs Valiance
Espiranto is one of the most overrated players ever. I am happy to see him failing.
safest country in Europe
Safest countries in the world:
Best American State
I meant Central Florida. Tampa-Bay-Orlando-Daytona beach/space coast, going down to the treasure coast area. Jacksonville aint bad tho.
Best American State
Best American State
just avoid Miami and then Florida is surely #1
Brazilian Women
You are a biggot. White people arived in Brazil way earlier than blacks.
Brazilian Women
Black/brown people ain't native to Brazil... They came from abroad just as the whites.
country w nicest girls
You wish... White Brazilian girls are hell to deal with. They look awesomely good, they have money (W. EU standards), they are very into feminism and other leftist movements, they have tons of friends...
NYC is so beautiful *_*
Maybe London is not as bad as Paris (where you from originally?).
NYC is so beautiful *_*
Yeah, more than 20 years living in Brazil and never got stolen, three months in Paris and got pickpocketed twice by some immigrant kids...
NYC is so beautiful *_*
Yes, I know that it can be an unpopular opinion, but for me, on a foreigner point of view, "having a soul" should mean that the city is trully alive. It should mean a place where you can meet, interac...
NYC is so beautiful *_*
that is cool, thanks for the video.