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First World, Third World, U.S and "Best country"
As someone hailing from the 3rd world and that had the opportunity to live in both, the US (6 months in NYC, 6 months in San Diego, + almost 2 years in central Florida) and EU (6 months in Paris), let...
Story from trk's first days in MIBR
Yeah, but he was already living in California by then.
Story from trk's first days in MIBR
his first house.
Story from trk's first days in MIBR
No, they've been living in CA (orange county) since they moved to the US. FURIA is based in Florida tho.
your genetics
definitely not.
Story from trk's first days in MIBR
they live in California.
your genetics
maybe... I am from southern Brazil, there are lots of white people around here, especially among the upper classes.
your genetics
I got mine @
your genetics
had my DNA tested a while ago: Ethnicity Estimate (latest update, not sure why but they keep changing some % from time to time): England, Wales and Northwesten Europe: 40% France: 19% Italy: 16% Iber...
Marriage and kids
BS. Your friends are just a bunch of fucktards. There is nothing more satisfying than having a family. I got married 5 years ago with the best human being in the whole world. Someone who supports me...
Countries visited?
EU: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Ireland, Switzerland NA: Mexico, Canada, USA SA: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Chile Carribean+ Central America: Panama, Aruba (Netherlands?), D...
German or Spanish
+ 60-80 mio living in the US. + IMO: Unless you are planning to live in a German speaking country, learning German as a 2nd (3th...) language is kind of useless, even in business, as most Germans hav...
As this is not something public, I can't present any proof other than me saying that I personally know two streamers that gets 100% from subs + donation + receive a monthly payment from Twitch (20k+)....
Top streamers get 100% from subs + donations. Twitch collects only on ads + watchtime.
Not as far as you may think. We are talking about 2500 years BC. The great Pyramid of Giza was already old while people still spoke Proto-Indo-European. And no, we can't go back to the birth of Homo ...