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Xeppa aimlock.
Don't know if they cheat or not and use very sophisticated aimlock cheats that are more forgiving to not be fully detectable to the eye but I notice both Xeppa and leaf often has this same "swaying" a...
Merkel REKT Trump again
+1 He cares more about letting businesses not suffer (close down) from Coronavirus which amusingly probably will suffer MORE cause of the huge outbreak in the long run. But tbh it doesn't matter much...
Why Jamppi is suing with Valve?
The sum he demands is set very low for this kind of case, for Valve it's a stone in the pond and more question of "how does it look like to the outside" depending on what actions are taken, doubt they...
JAMPPI: The Return of the King
Yea Finland hates elitist corporatism like Valve presents. I don't think the judges see a lifetime ban as fair under the circumstances jamppi was banned. To me fair would be 3 years ban on all accoun...
smgs stupidest shit in csgo
It's a very valid strategy to have a Mac-10 on buy rounds with the first guy rushing in with Mac-10, at times I think it's better than doing it with AK on especially Inferno and Mirage (B-site). The m...
Best-fragging IGL's?
FaZe should get ALEX asap, it's the only decent IGL option available that is at least somewhat proven and speaks perfect english (very important for IGL and in an international lineup like FaZe). When...
This indeed would look great. Faze needs a proper IGL, it's the only thing holding them back and they know it and probably would pay a good buck.
leaf strikes again
I watch like 95% of tournaments where at least one top-10 team plays, can't recognise seeing anyone doing stuff like this in the leaf clips. You get suspicious xhair placement at times sure but quickl...
leaf strikes again
No matter if he shows up on minimap or teammate calls it, it's inhuman reaction to perfectly align the sight on the enemy so perfectly so quickly. Sometimes you get lucky but as there's so many clips ...
AUG nerf and -Aleksib happened
High taxes are good
+1 It's all about trust. The less corrupted government the better taxation will work as the money they gather from the taxes are being used responsibly and accordingly to the political parties strateg...
Rio Major cancelled
I believe last time was a Blast tournament in which Astralis didn't even go through to playoffs. 2018 was the good year for Astralis when they were on top of the game which is not nearly the case now ...
Rio Major cancelled
It's been more like the pressure has risen when Astralis plays in front of homecrowd so they've typically played worse there and with new roster I see that pressure just rise even further so I think m...