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Pros u want to see as girls
LUL, the girl taco looks more like taco (with makeup) than guy taco itself
players to retire in 2019
hope so! But I'd also wish to see pita kicked, half of the time he looks like scared nervous kid, half of the time sitting there daydreaming about the NIP era. GTR can stay as NIPs coach, GTR's aura/...
- Bot Right + Flusha
-pita +GTR +draken EZ
My prediction: SDP: 18,2 % PS: 17,0 KOK: 15,6 KESK: 14,3 VIHR: 12,0 VAS: 9,1 RKP: 5,0 KD: 4,5 SIN: 0,8 muut: 3,5 The most interesting thing isn't the result itself but what kind of government coall...
Well there's also a problem right now with employers not finding the workers with the required skills. That's why we need more from especially other parts of EU that are well educated. So I think it's...
Renegades vs Natus Vincere
EZ 2-1 Renegades
Intel LUL
I've yet to break any CPU and overclocked the shit out of them all. CPUs are tough bastards.
NiP Olof ????
The only change I feel that would be good if keeping it swedish only for NIP would be: -GTR (when decides to retire) +Flusha (IGL) Lekr0 back to lurking But Flusha to NIP will never happen because N...
best/worst accents?
Worst accent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yrlF3sA71Y /thread
North vs MIBR
Expected, North going into this tournament looks a bit better than for a couple months now, barely lost to NIP and NIP is roughly 5-6th best Team so North like 6-7th and MIBR is overrated as usual and...
BO5 = best grand final format?
+1 as long as Astralis isn't in the Tournament, BO5 would only drag out the inevitable loss by one round.
I'll always remember Astralis as a team, not for the players. They have solid teamplay and well rounded players, it's just the strats and teamwork which make them unbeatable, it's sad to see other tea...
Football is by far the biggest sport in Brazil so sorta a national sport in which that there's a lot of pride in. When they finally hosted the WC 2014 in football and there was a lot of hype built aro...
To some degree I agree yes, they are very good at hiding it for the general public though. The green party has been pretty damaging for Sweden in particular and I don't wanna see many of the same deci...
Top-5 swede is the most realistic I'd ever expect draken to reach. He likes playing aggressive and when he shows up he looks quite impressive but then the next game he can look very incosistent and mi...