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Do you like 90s music?
I think it lacks melodies & structure for my taste.
Do you like 90s music?
This is was the music I was into in the 90's for sure (born 87). Then I transitioned more into trance around early 2000 and in 2011~2012 I got into Euphoric Hardstyle but sadly that is not as good any...
f0rest and friberg commit to Dignitas for 2022*
f0rest should help carry NIP again, they've been shit after he left. -poopski +f0rest
I barely ever eat chips but the dips works wonderfully for sallad too, prefer either American, BBQ, Ranch or Sweet Chili (they are all good).
Do you like driving?
Yes I like driving but at first it was a totally different story. I got the driver's license as soon as I could because parents pushed me to do it and I saw I probably need it anyway but after I got i...
Pro you can recognize by aim
S1mple the way he tries to "screw" his shot like the bullets would be a football. xD Would be an interesting feature if only allowing a very tiny arc to the bullets, would up the aim game further.
M4A1 run and gun
This is probably all adjustment it needs honestly. Very minor one, pricing would make more sense this way and should make it happen so both M4A4 and M4A1-S are in play regularly (which is what I'd per...
New James Bond Actor
Neither would make any good Bond character imo.
[VOD] HLTV Confirmed season 6 starts: Transfers and offseason analysis
Should be an interesting episode, all these massive roster changes are making this upcoming season very interesting, can't wait for it to start but would be nice with more LANs.... the feeling isn't t...
are you scared of death
Training, probably to maintain a good discipline over the recruits too.
Kennys / AmaneK new team HYPE
Yea? It's a good thing, but was just reacting to ppl immediatly trying to put up the most decent team of french players available. I don't think that's what this will be about but we will see.
Kennys / AmaneK new team HYPE
Imo it's a project more about saving face and do what he likes to do, if he goes back to a T1 team now he will be remembered as the washed up pro and not the god from the past but now he gets a lot of...
are you scared of death
Standard procedure in the Finnish army during camps at least when I was in there.
Didn't even know there was a thing like "Steam level" x)