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Where to live
ahha, asian or russian or ukrainian or romanian are much better than polish
Where to live
nice girls? lol! polish girls are the worst from slavic/eastern and central european girls. also the most ugly. also poland is becoming another Venezuela/greece. this pseudo nazi state is going down
Where to live
sadly the whole world is fucked up! the best thing is to be programmer so you can live in deep countryside, all you need is internet. The downside you are cut off from culture from big cities...
leaving sweden
Poles fully support EU support for refugees in Scandinavia and Western Europe.
AGO vs Smoke Criminals
gtfo with israel!
2-3 mlns run away just in last years. twice more think about running away
Poland 2018 -100 years after the oppression
poland is still oppressed, by israel, usa and germany/eu
Sweden tax
there is more communism in usa than in "communist" china
hungary and poland toogether with usa/uk and israel? hahahahahhaha never unless to destroy it from inside "D
Turkey out of NATO ahhahah die
Turkey out of NATO
so who is doing better? finland? usa? hahahhaha ofc some do better, e.g. china. i would love to change my EU passport for russian
Turkey out of NATO
8% is more than enough to start collapse, damn u dont even need china to rapture the bubble. the only question is when the bubble will burst
Turkey out of NATO
lol, and 2900 is going to pay debt so you have 100, not 3000
Turkey out of NATO
hahahahhahahahha usa is dead without chinese products while china has africe, midddle east, indie, pakistan and china itsefl to sell
Turkey out of NATO
nah, china will start selling all the dollars making dollar worth as much as paper :) you americans have nothing, you are going down, it is great :)