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why god made us the way we are?
he didnt
Meaning of your Flag
The king wanted to change the flag because war boats would confuse it for the english flag when there was fog (they looked similar) and sometimes cause friendly fire, so he organized a competition whe...
helping refugees
refugee is not same as illegal immigrant, u let him stayed during the agreed time and then send him back
Sex Change Is Not Possible
Man who cuts his cock is still a man
Leaving parents at what age?
If u start working just after finishing school 18-20, if u are going to study a career u wont finish it until 23-24 so u wont be able to do it until that age
same-sex laws in every country (acceptance vs. punishment for gays)
Seriously why do people care, idk i have better stuff to do than worrying about who other people fuck.
Niko ruined faze, only 1, s1mple didnt ruin anyone, he just was toxic on tems that were shit before him already.
NiP Fix?
They need to redefine roles, GTR is doing entry for some reason instead of Rez, who was supposed to be the entry
Nip best lineup
F0rest, GTR, friberg, Xizt, Maikelele/Draken/Insert awper
country w nicest girls
lul NA fat, culture lacking and generally not smart, EU definitely better, and russia top1
Rate my hype outfit [18+]
So a lot of ugly trash that makes u look like a homeless and is stupidly expensive?
I rate your life V2
Spain None Good Idk i dont give a shit about phones i bought a 100€ chineese phone 2 years ago and still works. Relations suck casual sex better 6 faceit
[RESOLUTION]There is NO Opinion ! Only 1 best
how many children would u like to have?
Knife pick help
navaja, safari mesh looks shit