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Joker movie
There is rumour that the reality was this. Arthur was already in mental hospital. His mom died and he got permission to go see her. Arthur then stole the archive information and went crazy. He got cau...
Joker movie
Then you shouldn't cry about joker, because he wasn't bad shit crazy in eyes of society untill he shot those guys, thus he never had change to be lobotomized in the movie.
It is very known phrase thats why.
Joker movie
The problem in the interview scene was, that Phoenix did many version improvising and they only got one that made some sense in context of rest of movie. He also said the scene in final product wasn'...
Joker movie
Nice trolling there. You literally cry about mental health movie and promote another as great one.
Gosh why didn't you just write knowledge increases pain.
I'm lost
That is the real truth about life. If you are not struggling to survive everything else is meaningless. So either start living in some jungle or end life.
El Camino - Breaking Bad
Critics, press atleast will. Also Rome last year won few oscars and it was netflix movie. They showed it for little time in theaters in Hollywood.
El Camino - Breaking Bad
If they play it at one hollywood theater for 1 month it will qualify.
El Camino - Breaking Bad
Joker only gonna win best actor and script. If lucky cinematography.
Kurds Turkey
So USA can go back to radicate isis again.
am i overthinking this?
Go learn dictionary then retard.
Change "terrorist" name?
Literally the german version of csgo.
Best energy drink
Battery No calories aka Battery Stripped
am i overthinking this?
Expected from idiot aussie and astralis fan. Anime really makes people mad killers.