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Well ... At least they banned D2. Go NiP!
Unique CS 1.6 match making
Sure. Add me. http://steamcommunity.com/id/elingenieritu
No chance for mibr
I think it will be a closed match. MIBR does not come up with anything but they usually have a frenetic game that is often productive at times. They also have good aim. Liquid, on the other hand, wi...
Unique CS 1.6 match making
Did you ever play in pDx?
NiP vs fnatic
NiP has long had serious problems to finish the games. What surprises me is that they choose a map that costs them so much to win. And it costs them because they do not have that blow, they depend on...
NiP vs fnatic
Fnatic is not at its best, but I think they are better than NiP. I find it odd that bettors have a preference for NiP. I considered this competitive match because I know that these teams play hard w...
NiP vs fnatic
I can not believe that NiP did not ban D2. NiP have problems with that map. It was a close game but they could choose better. I guess.
a lots of CS 1.6 pros
:O Of course. CSGO is so harder ... zZzzzzZzzZZZzzZZZ
[1.6]ex_interp 0.01 or 0?
If you have the game properly configured, you will have the right value. Example: Using cl_cmdrate 105 and cl_updaterate 100, if you write in console "ex_interp 0" it will automatically be set to 0.0...
felps cheating??
He's not cheater. Those who say yes, will play CoD.
Maikelele Tweet
Clickbait this post and the tweet ¬¬
Cloud9 vs Natus Vincere
Sk new team
Anyone less Brazilian. SK is on the way to a restructuring. The first step was Stewie.
FaZe vs MIBR
Bets say that FaZe wins and users say that MIBR wins... Hmmmmmm... ¿Go FaZe?