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Rooster vs Aftermind
Thats what happens when player gets banned for betting on matches
HAVU vs Dignitas
Interested to see how Dignitas play, not easy with a new roster
Overrated Players.
Stewie2k is definitely overrated lately he just doesnt have the same impact he use to even before taking over as IGL and everyone seems to hype up how he is so great but his stats over the last year ...
Conspiracy theory?
Its funny Starix comes out with the claims of cheaters and that valve knew, yet revealed as cheater himself
Furia > 100T
Overpass is generally the insta ban
100 Thieves vs Triumph
Triumph ban dust 2 100T ban overpass Triumph pick inferno 100T pick Vertigo Triumph ban Nuke 100T ban Mirage Train decider Or maybe 100T ban train and mirage is decider
100 Thieves vs Triumph
They also just 2-0 Furia who was unbeaten so far... 100T are too unpredictable at the moment.. They can play really well like they did against Furia and they can absolutely just rip your heart out los...
Renegades vs Chiefs
I dont know what results you are reading where chiefs win 2-1 as it shows RNG win 2-0 and Tyloo hasnt been relevant since BenTeT found a better team... Tyloo without him is like NaVi without simple an...
build best team
Dupreeh JKS Woxic Naf Karrigan
Liquid vs 100 Thieves
They need either grat to be more consistant or drop him
Natus Vincere vs Complexity
Anyone here think if electronic was consistantly at his peak he would be better then s1mple?
-Shitisfaction +Guardian
No thanks
ENCE vs Movistar Riders
Don't worry guys it'll work out for ENCE don't forget they were in line to be one of the best teams until they got rid of AleksiB because we all know he was the problem
FaZe vs Vitality
Pfft Zonic almost beat S1mple in a 1 v 1 so not much of a achievement for NBK
coldzera about liquid
The major was won for Astralis before their first round against Liquid... Liquid had a 100% win rate on Vertigo which Astralis picked simply to throw Liquid off as they had done their homework properl...