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I rate your steam profile.
i was play with pro players with a nice story
cringiest steam profile
every profile with some kind of settings or specs is
Air Pods Pro <3
70 dollars for wired buds- not worth it tbh
New SG skin
the swing to the right is really hard so if a guy is strafing there at the same time it is extremely hard to keep up (at least for me i am a lazy and a shitty aimer)
New SG skin
sg spray is easier in the beginning but the ending is much harder than ak spray
Ence you are so fucking shit
Air Pods Pro <3
with 70€ you'll get good enough wireless headphones. The convenience is just such a big upside on everything wireless. Something you would understand when you have used wireless stuff for a while
Air Pods Pro <3
sadly i dont have true wireless yet because im scared that i will leave them somewhere. i do the same with my keys and phone, throw them somewhere and then forget where i put them
Air Pods Pro <3
When you go wireless on phone headphones you dont want to go back. It is so nice to be able to leave your phone on a desk and walk freely without a worry while doing other stuff
Denmark ur sick
that sounds great as long as you are an employee but what if you are unemployed
Denmark ur sick
but how much you need to spend for insurance
should i download league of legends
+1 great analysis
Top 3 Riflers In Your Country
still the most proven talent we have here. NiKo is also considered to be one of the best while he hasn't performed at all this year
Ence management
why everyone hates x7. it is said that he provides the most information in the whole team and ence play around his information they wouldn't work properly without him
HLTV makes our grammar worse?
can confirm