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Hitler Reacts to BIG's Exit at Katowice
nice one bro :D
Renegades vs Vitality
He’s currently 1.32 rating so far in the major, with Apex being the only teammate higher than him, not to mention that they faced Navi and just lost 25-22, with multiple chances of winning the match. ...
+1 For every mistake he makes, he will make a highlight play later on. It just depends on when and where he made the mistake.
Natus Vincere vs G2
let's go G2
BIG vs Vitality
ez for Vitality
French CS and shox
BiG isn't a "German nobody" bro.
French CS and shox
Honest Thoughts on G2
Being a G2 fan, I will say so-so. The Sydney online qualifier didn’t really show their true potential, and they were doing fine besides the little hiccup against 3DMAX, until Xantares showed up and us...
G2 vs Vega Squadron
Ez for G2
Yes, and you only need to pay $50 more for a far superior weapon than the M4. Please tell me how this isn't broken.
When did we ever say that the AUG needs to be buffed?
The problem with bo5 is that assuming that if it goes all 5 maps, and each map last about an hour, it will take 5 hours to decide who's the winner of the match, and that is not including overtime. Thi...
dark horses of the major
Open qualifiers are inconsistent af, especially since that are online. So in all honesty it wasn’t too surprising Vitality got upsetted by a unknown team.
shox is right
I think what Shox meant is that for an extra $50, you have a much better gun than the M4, which is kinda ridiculous. • Ability to one shot hs at close range • Has a scope • more accurate So either v...