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From fk2 to ec2-a
Got it and Thank you for caring brother, its hard to see people such you on hltv nowadays
From fk2 to ec2-a
I know the dpi but i didnt know the hz and found out when i search it on google so i thought i might have changed the hz but thankfully emilarr explained me the difference between this two mouses
From fk2 to ec2-a
Ty for ur advice and knowledge, Ive been now playing aim maps and trying to get used to it, feel like i can react better this way but i cant control spray sometimes
From fk2 to ec2-a
Yes, thats how i felt and i am now trying to find a new sens xd
From fk2 to ec2-a
Got it, then i think i have to pratice more to get used to it
From fk2 to ec2-a
Ty for the answer, gonna play all night and hoping to get my form again :)
From fk2 to ec2-a
Might be but what if i accidently change the hz of the mouse, would it make difference? I have no idea about changing hz but i might have done it
From fk2 to ec2-a
From fk2 to ec2-a
No, fk2 was black but ec2-a is white bro
Best aimers
Simple Dupreeh Valde Niko Zywoo I could have added xantares too but didnt want xd
Just a trash player which is called pro, imagine ex-ss couldnt find better player than him and they choked
Csgo xp
I think he is a poor guy, he wants to drop some guns and cases by earning xp
If he has x-ray in his eyes
Rank MM
He cant see the real rank on mm with this fps imo
England come here
What you wrote at the beginning is gonna get you both banned on hltv, just wanted to say