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Markus Kjærbye
Its inevitable
Just looks statistics how europe looked in 1990 compared today. European destruction is going even faster now but well people are stupid and cant understand, so its only right that 1% will rekt the 99...
Palestinians [+18]
you should look what palestine was before 1945
Palestinians [+18]
can confirm this, someone throw a rock to israel tank so lets wipe this village
Palestinians [+18]
Pro tip these people in the video are mossad agents
ICONIC MOMENTS ON EACH MAP(A/B site only, no mid/connector)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAH9XCgMK_4 even better
Chaos vs Positive Vibes Only
br caster so mad
Americans afraid of German/Russian alliance
Well everyone in europe knows that its true. Only in your schools they say that usa saved europe. USA was irrelevant in ww2 if you dont count money/resources which they give to britain/soviet union be...
smithzz losing it
Basic only aim players laughing when they actually know so little about the game, should respect the legends. Why they are still stuck in some random faceit pugs if they are so good?
S1mple cheating LOL
You are 100% right. This is why i dont anymore follow csgo. Atleast back in the days some pros get vac banned after that valve didnt really do anything to this problem. Not in mm or in top lvl cs look...
S1mple cheating LOL
How he is wasting hes career? He was cheating before so obviously he wasnt good enough to pro scene and you think that he stopped cheating and suddenly become top1 player in the world. This whole csgo...
S1mple cheating LOL
Idk how fanboys/people are so stupid that they think these guys are clean. Like suddenly you become tier1 player. Like that fpl-c or whatever is full of cheaters glhf trying to get pro scene if you do...
s1mple's ESL ban
Yep top 1 player in csgo is confirmed cheater nice game :D Someone actually thinks that he quit cheating?
Covid 19 vaccine
Covid 19 vaccine
People actually that stupid that thinks vaccine will help, this corona just shows how stupid people are