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u are USA president for 1 week
Best American State
Utah is raw af for sports like dirt biking, hiking, ATV riding. Go to place like Moab shit is hella fun. Housing is also really cheap and when I went there everyone was really nice to me
Scout > AWP
+1 men)) 😎😎
becuase we have 89.4 million people who are immigrantss?
Just don't live in a shithole like Detroit. Most suburbs in the US are extremely safe. Every other country forgets the other 98% of the rest of the US and doesn't realize how nice it is
Thooorin, come here!
You do not meet the requirements for Thorin to click on your thread. Requirements are: 100 replies turkish/indian
Best American State
i arent think that Oregon best state imo no sales tax hella weed everywhere beautiful landscape/surrounds -from a Northern Californian
best csgo players 2013-2018
G2 & Charloi
Have you even watched any of heir recent games? This is the strongest G2 we’ve had since g2 won DHM Malmo. They tore it up online and showed dominance on maps like Dust2 Train Nuke and we’re 2-0 a lot...
top 5 of all time csgo
I’m a realistic man what can I say
Conservatism and having morals
I’m afraid he’s baiting you my Finnish friend
top 5 of all time csgo
I never said I saw either of those.
mirage for abbey
Anything but Inferno Dust2 overpass and train
How can I be gay if I fucked both of your moms?
top 5 of all time csgo
obviously I have, the clutches by shox on a site d2 and inferno b (2 of the best plays ever), scream carrying on overpass, that one tap on d2, and the shox pistol 4k on overpass