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ropz out
maybe to faze, rain as 6th player :D
FaZe vs OG
play like gods to 7-0, later forgot how to play cs and win 1 pistol round but still almost lose half :D Typical cs throws .. should disband betting from esport :D
FaZe vs OG
rain from bot to god :D
FaZe vs OG
broky beast finally wake up in 2nd half and 4v5 faze rekt OG :D rain still die for free everytime but at least faze win this time. After all faze still bad against better teams but OG is pure trash, w...
FaZe vs OG
can faze win somehow 3v5 today.. broky and rain i just free frags :D maybe on t-side can show some impact atleast, broky miss all what he can with awp and stand wide open (except last round) and rain ...
FaZe vs Liquid
Great game Faze :D Now just left final against NaVi which means only money prize because both achieve spring finals already :D And if its his last game then great last ride for Olof with Faze to end l...
FaZe vs Liquid
Can't remember when faze players was so happy and looking so insane whole game :) Perfect game and already even if lose next 2 games not end in bottom of group and great last ride for olof with faze! ...
Your favorite drink
Brandy with Pepsi Beer San Pelegrino Sparkling Mineral Water
I like rain. That dude in Faze also pretty good.
I'm better invest in beer, later can use it when watch basketball :D
no more 6-man roasters
Oh thats great roaster but kinda small for 6 man. Enough for 5 :D
no more 6-man roasters
u talking about roaster or roster? It's 2 different things :D
breaking bad
I like tv series, but never watch breaking bad, try watch 2 times, but after 1st episode stop because don't like and look boring to me. Some people say same that this tv series need time, even all fir...