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Best player this year?
Yeas exactly!
Best player this year?
Disagree. S1mple is 100% top1 this yeah. Though I still think Zywh0 is very talented kid, easy top20 no doubt on that
6-men roster
0/8 Just some thoughts of yours, no argument no discussion
Ban 6 men rosters NOW
> force 1 team play with the same 5 people every map No one forces anyone baby, any team can do it. But wait it’s unfair what about the money? Well yeah, agree. I also agree not any team can afford ...
Liquid disband = better teams
> Complexity -rush +stewie2k Lol
Yes for example broky parting with his mate bymas would be great. But what faze? Disband?
Karrigan is best TOP tier multinational IGL with proven results. There are only 2 guys with same qualities on the scene 1 Aleksib - he runs OG very decent, he switched from finish to EN team and he ...
Faze Karrigan
So it’s new classic -Karrigan +Karrigan -Karrigan +Karrigan?
GODSENT.sergej ?
More like FrenchLegion + sergeJ. After Finish military training it looks like quite an option lol
mouz roster wont work
-crisj (retire and coach, stand in if something wrong) + guardian (free trial)
-cris + guardian (coach) + olofm 6man roster, swap positions and maps on bymas/Olof/frozen
Tho aged great
G2 fix
Why so low mens?) if it made you smile doesn’t it deserves at least - I don’t know - 4/8?
ZywooGod without AWP mens))
Yes me too. Vitality 6man look very solid as they pick players with max comfort on each map and those players can better prepare their roles on those maps. It can be an undiscovered hint to winning ...
ZywooGod without AWP mens))
It it will tend to be like this in last months s1mple will way take it