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Iphone 6s or iphone SE?
if u judge by specs then its false, apple and samsung has one the best coders, optimezers. For example, sony provides camera for samsung and still even with lower specs samsung always had better pict...
before joining gambit he was top player thats why gambit took him
mousesports vs fnatic
ropz again on fire when sunny left
navi ugly team
show ur face then
Natus Vincere vs ENCE
EZ for ence ruskis doesnt understand english aka cheat crowd = win
Cs:go Scandals In CSGO History
actually vp did it more, but after the scandal they bought csgolounge lel and continued to match fix
Natus Vincere vs ENCE
EZ for zeus
15 year old rape
if its porn then ofc its staged
15 year old rape
delete it in honor of her
real astralis fan
sadly but we ppls cant remember everything :(
i got csgo back in the 2014 for 1.99eur with prime and then got money back pretty easy cause got expensive case drops, dont quite remember the names i guess one was huntsman
Skadoodle grandpa
indeed + coaches, managers and ex players + top 40 teams atleast and number even bigger so no suprise
Skadoodle grandpa
like i said this is happening all the time, people die at some point and since pro scene is big then no suprise that grand dads/mothers etc. dies withing week. P.S. even ex pro players sharing this ak...
Skadoodle grandpa
its happening all the time but just now people tend to share it on twitter
astralis>mibr and yea they also beat Faze and navi but not so sure if u have time u can check.