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well to be honest this swiss guy is right dual channel wont help u get stable fps at all, it will increase mby for a bit slightly. But it wont help u get even 200 stable if u dont have 200 stable righ...
Ram stick wont help that much just waste of money. but if u buy it then check if its tested on your motherboard (its improtant for amd) and if u buy try to buy exact the same as previous one. Ofc its...
thats just only in your head, film, test and ask other people to compare. U will see that im right. The more fps u have the more resources needed for ur pc to work aka more useless stress which...
how is 200 not enough ? he got 75 hz monitor aka he can only see 75 frames per second (fps) to be honest he doesnt even need those 150 stable. Additional fps only makes stress to your compu...
cpu doesnt age mani have a8-5600k for 7 years, running 70-83 C on idle, ~90-105C when playing. Still works okay. Yeah fps was better but u need to know that csgo was also different especially new audi...
Wuhan WTF
yea + all his statements are false even in italy nobody sits home 2month so far.
dota or lol
dota for watching esports, lol for playing
Broky vs Brollan
well actually he played alot before krieg meta, and imho he was even better than he is rn in fnatic
italy closed cases corona.
If your statement was true then it would be worse
1st case in Poland
well idk why but there are mostly arabs obviously there are ppl from other countries not only arabs
1st case in Poland
nah if u check the map then all of cases are on west and countries who are close to italy got the most cases :(
1st case in Poland
sweden got 30x more cases than poland
ENCE firepower + fun
well simple atleast got banned on esea tournaments 1 or 2 y ban