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Allu disrespectful!
They trashed NiP after 2-0, also G_R and f0rest were playing like tier3 back then tbh
Allu disrespectful!
ENCE ended up winning NiP 2-0
Allu disrespectful!
why would it be shitty, he was being honest
Allu disrespectful!
So he wasnt wrong. 2-0 Ez4ENCE
i want to learn JAVA
id rather start with java and learn basic of programming and classes and libraries before going to c and having to deal with memory handling
worst world problem?
Do you think christians would get so butthurt? No. You know why? Unlike old testament/Quran/Torah which are pretty much the same, christians have new testament telling them to turn the other cheek ...
how to wake up early?
probably majority of adult working population in EU and America wake up everyday and drink coffee that has more caffeine than redbull.
how to wake up early?
buy caffeine boost next to bed like ”5hour energy”. Alarm clock rings, drink it => cant sleep anymore
Tap water
Tap water
I was talking about tap water too. But apparently
[+21] About IQ
so do you mean social skills are underrated? I dont see how social skills are overrated
[+21] About IQ
get_right is ultra bad athlete but hits hs, so does he have high or low physical IQ?
[+21] About IQ
creativity is part of problem solving so it is thus a part of intelligence.
Tap water
i am pretty sure that its estrogen residue from women peeing (women that take p-pills)