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Gym Help (Whey)
dont use vegetarian scam proteins, they dont have proper amino acid balance
Gym Help (Whey)
isolate whey protein gets absorbed like 50% better than chicken eggs and chicken eggs are the best natural protein source. If chicken protein absorption is scaled to 1 then isolate whey is at 1.55 an...
Gym Help (Whey)
edited top. But i would also eat a banana for instance with your shake to get some carbs and some fiber
Gym Help (Whey)
get ON gold standard, if you are rich get hydrolyzied. Very cheap protein tastes bad and might give u digestion issues. If you cant afford neither just get creatine and eggs/chicken. Eggs have the be...
Gym Help (Whey)
not really man low quality Lidl protein makes me feel pukeish and bloaty while hydrolyzied whey protein (for rich kids) not only tastes a lot better but also give no problems
Iphone 6s or iphone SE?
u can replace the battery very cheaply too
Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
0/8 bad attempt, but finland has only leftist newspapers so i give u 1/8 due to your cluelessness
Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Do you even have ideas about those deals u dumb fk? US left the deal but removed the MOST CO2 %-wise. And what about people who are in the deal? Germany shut down its nuclear factors and had built 6 n...
US Border 2
Explain the Trump Wall
Works fine in Israel. Having a wall requires less man power for surveillance compared to scuffed gate and at mountains only barbed wire basically. You are clearly failing to see the big picture when ...
We are not the bad ones
they got rekt by japanese m8
We are not the bad ones
Maybe he is a war vet from ww2
US Border
they can just go to cali nowadays for that
Switched to 240hz
US Border
why tf would they not shoot if they actually started a big shit storm? have u even gone to the army little boy? Israel population 8mill US population 330mill israel has over 6x larger wall per capit...