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I destroy a team in an unexpected way
Good luck to all the teams !
Did Astralis have an era?
they're still the best in the world ! but i'm happy to see a competition !
No fap
i can't do it ! it's impossible for me ! i want to but idk how , and how will it make me feel not to fap ! this is my last year in highschool and if it helps me study better i'm gonna try it , because...
i'm not gonna argue with u if u don't even watch the games ! ur just saying what everybody is saying cause he doesn't have good stats and he's not like shox or kenny ( cs legend )
flag checks out
U Don't even watch him play mate ! u think he has the same freedom that shox or kenny has , he's a support , all he does is dying so kenny can get kills ! if u really think about it , he even did a be...
I Do ! heck just let him 1v5 everybody , maybe he should team up with s1mple and 2v5 astralis
he deserves to be in a good team ! He's a good player , really sucks to see him getting all of the hate while shox was the one to blame ! i hope he finds a good team and drop some good numbers
G2's problem.
Ocelote just finances and directes the team ! he's not the one on the server mate !
mibr invites
French come here!
Maybe go for " L'artiste " he's a respectable singer in france and everybody loves him ! 'Soolking" aswell
French come here!
The translation of the title of the song : " suck my balls" , i don't think that's the impression u want to give for the seller ! instead opt for a more educated impression , such as the political iss...
TOP 20 Players Of CS:GO
where's shox ?and GTR 19th ? Newfag nowadays...
NiKo Vs. Coldzera??
+ +infinity . Finally a dane who sees reasons !