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I R8 Your Car
how the fuck?
roast a country
So how the fuck then are we communicating rn if i am a bear huh,mr Burger?
18+ sex
roast a country
no joke here my man, save the planet bro , stop eating ffs
My last message . What a dumb idiot u are. Only dumb idiots can predict what's gonna happen in other people lives
roast a country
USA PPl there are getting so fat that the planet gonna soon break up on two pieces cause of their weight. CLOSE THE USA , SAVE THE PLANET
hope everything u'r saying is a bait though
i think i should end that dialogue asap cause i will also get a brain cancer if i continue to chat with such a clown like u are , that's unbelievable .What a joke
The funniest thing is that literally EVERYTHING u said is wrong . I am 22, i have a job , i respect and love my parents, and i make money myself. And ofc i am not hurted at all lmao. WHAT A CLOWN THAT...
LMAO Because of guys like that cs is dead already!Ban him ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U dont know me and still manage to say all that shit .your words is the best evidence of what i have already said , u are a clown
what is he better than me in? and where did u get the info about my salary huh? as i have already said u are just a dumb clown
lmao i can say whatever i want to say who the fuck are u to tell me to be quiet? this is the dumbest excuse i have ever seen , cs hasn't changed at all since niko was igl before neo , he is just fucki...
i have already watched many games with that guy in 2019 and i should say that faze's and niko's cs in particular is pure boring cancer which makes cs unwatchable No new strats no clutches no crazy hea...