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HAVU vs Gambit Youngsters
Rio Major cancelled?
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paskaa paskaa
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Jampi VAC
Why cry so late after the release of this email?
Helsinki, Finland
This makes no sense. What do people outside of US think they can achieve by protesting on something that happened in the US?
haha loser
Zehn vs Maikelele?
Devilwalk retweeded zehNs now deleted tweet so I guess that should tell us whos telling the truth.
Why hate allu?
Yes he's clearly not one of the most consistant players out there, not even close but people are acting like he's the player holding the team back when there are 3/4 riflers in the team from not a sin...
Why hate allu?
One player cannot throw 1/3 of the rounds. There is always something else that you just don't notice. Maybe the observers just happened to be spectating allu when he made a mistake more than the other...
Why hate allu?
You're acting like the other players didn't miss their shots. allu probably realized too that he wasn't hitting his awp shots and thats the reason jamppi played it on some of the later rounds. It's a ...
Why hate allu?
Once again he was the only one with a positive rating on train so surely he wouldn't have been able to throw the match if there were 4 people below him on that map. Even on the full game there we're 3...
Why hate allu?
Same as #3 he did not lose the game. He was the reason they lost the game, but even with winning the round where he whiffed the easy shot everyone is talking about now they wouldn't have instantly won...
Why hate allu?
Because he didn't lose the game for ENCE. Yes he was the biggest reason they lost the round, but what if someone else had killed 1 more NiP player? It's not all on allu. But yes he was the reason they...