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Won't be the last rmr event. No major in sight so they have to keep doing these rmr events.
Why is everyone still crying about the aleksib kick? There were problems inside of the team which lead to it either being aleksib or allu (+ sunny who had been in talks with ence for a while). Better ...
Yes, our school got us into a 8k€ cs league. Basically average of the teams is close to 6/7 so ez money.
I finished mandatory service AMA
Seems like you need a bit more education before talking about stuff you don't know...
I finished mandatory service AMA
So having to work for 6-12 months with pay and being free to leave the country any time you just feel like so is a violation of human rights even when anything in the human rights don't say it? Makes...
I finished mandatory service AMA
Which article it violates exactly?
I finished mandatory service AMA
You get paid and you choose to basically do work for retirement homes, schools or similar places. I don't see how that is abusing human rights.
New game
Yeah it's on sale since it got an update the first time in years.
New game
l4d or l4d2
Preventing burnout?
Nowdays around 8. In the summer it was somewhere around 9-11 since I didn't have to wake up so early in the morning. A few years ago it was closer 5h and it for sure wasn't pleasant to wake up after ...
Preventing burnout?
#23 When I do exercise I feel more energized but after I stop it just feels like it got twice as bad and I have to go sleep right away. Couple of people have said it might be the food I'm eating. I'm ...
Preventing burnout?
Yeah thanks for the help! I really need to look more on this!
Preventing burnout?
Exercising does give me a small boost but usually after it I'm just so fatigued that overall it makes it worse. A lot of people have told me that it makes me more energized and I wouldn't feel so tire...
Preventing burnout?
Yeah I haven't really thought about my eating habits. I don't eat unhealthy foods but I don't necessarily eat healthy foods either. Seems like I have to look into fixing my diet so that I would for su...
Preventing burnout?
Already do.