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Ukraine what
Why russians are so dumb? I'm always imagine them as a crap bears.
I think he will not make any decision without his team since as far as I know he has no background in politics and all important decisions will be on the shoulders of his advisers. He's pretty young b...
What is "better" means in this case? - S1mple was a beast from the very beggining of his career and only thing that was stopping him to be the best is absence of discipline. Zywoo is just another yet ...
Period in Liquid or even his insane play style during his career in HellRaisers
Wake up u have to go to school.
Well, guys I remember the same hype on ZyWoo that it's the second S1mple but still can't see the level that S1mple had back in the day.
bo1 tournament where all were relaxed as fuck...lol what a achievement for him and his team.
Ukraine a/m/a
I wish you could broadcast today's debates in German. I heard you'll get real show today on the stadium.
Niko sister
Sorry :(
Niko sister
What are the idiots here with their wet dreams...
Rate girl
What attractive does she has except the ass?
Ukraine come ))
Oh I like such kind of songs. Unfortunately I don't know the meanings of lyrics but I translated the text for the first one. It sounds cool. And as far as I can say there is no any word that looks lik...
Most ugly player ?
What u expect from the guys who are not spending too much time outside and devoting all the time to computer games? It's not a models contest :)
4:3 or 16:9
16:9 for sure