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probably like 1.9-2.0, they were so big favourites
how much were the odds for map 1 when it was 7-1 for og?
FATE vs Galaxy Racer
lmao, a nice way to lose over xd
Ze Pug Godz vs Triumph
maybe 2-0 triumph? marke holding long with usp on a gun round kek
BIG vs Heroic
There were at least three rounds where heroic got two entries from long but instead of pushing with 2 man advantage, they died one by one around the whole map.. Like why, thinking too much maybe?
BIG vs Heroic
Heroic getting entry kills from long but they are too afraid to push :/
Cloud9 vs Yeah
my bad, somehow remembered it was 500k instead of 300k. Thanks for correcting.
Cloud9 vs Yeah
that could be, but yeah they definitely want to take this tournament.
Cloud9 vs Yeah
Winner of this tournament gets to play in another tournament with prize pool of 500k, thats definitely a motivating prize for c9
Endpoint vs MAD Lions
how much are those odds? 1.05?
Lilmix vs KOVA
Kova just lost their carry/star player when derkeps left the team. This will be the first official game for kova roster with spargo, who is not anywhere close to derkeps' level.
BIG vs Endpoint
Endpoint wont win a map in this whole tournament, they are really bad. Can't expect them to put a fight against big.
Renegades vs ORDER
3 tight maps, could've been 3-1 for renegades back then. Its commonly known that they are the best team located in AU so nothing special if order can't win a map here. Its like navi lost against syma...
Renegades vs ORDER
in reality that was 2-1, not 3-1.
Renegades vs ORDER
Head 2 Head, Renegades 16 wins, ORDER 5 wins. What's there to explain, the better and favoured team winning?