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Ripped Jeans?
Okay so if you don't wear jeans as you said, what do you wear? And please, if you are classy you should not leave a trace of perfume when you pass someone. That's a no go.
Ripped Jeans?
Yes of course, always dress situational is key. But it seems you know how to go in life so big up!
Ripped Jeans?
Hahaha good job, you just distinguished yourself from the albanian herd but now you are in the north african herd. For fucks sake, where do you live for it to be considered as albanian though?
Ripped Jeans?
You know it bro!
Ripped Jeans?
Ah found the classic simple boy wearing his shirt and simple jeans too afraid of having some fashion🤣🤣🤣
South eastern europe
I don't think so. Nature wise and how cities look like it's all comparable in levels but what does the finishing blow is how dirt cheap and depressed bulgarians look like and worst part is they come b...
South eastern europe
Braindead comeback buddy i have been to every country in eu except scandinavia ffs
South eastern europe
Anywhere there except bulgaria, legit the ultimate shithole unless you plan to visit tourist beaches there
No deal brexit
So you are saying poland didn't change from communism to capitalism because your govt is running social programs? You truly are far ahead of us all because you live in a different space called scizop...
Mask wearers come here
I also read that it blocks most of the small particles which can cause only mild symptoms. Idk if this is true or not tho
Americans come
Sounds like you have a boring life going there👌🤮