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Team to beat Astralis
FaZe 2.0 with an actual top5 igl. Nice.
iPhone 11 Pro
Professional photography
ugliest pro name?
using words like "boi" just reconfirms the fact you want to be popular here because you are in fact 100% ugly in real life
Indian school teacher
Consider it a like* speedpass in disneyland lol.
"Online asian piece of shit" > Stewie2k
Valve left North!
Gayben OG's 5th player HYPEEE REEEE
Hltv top 1 2019
2000$ on liquid
Why is he always baiting his team and dying last? He is dead weight other than being IGL. Why not try entry or be aggressive on CT side sometimes and get info. Like how gla1ve and karrigan do it.
I don't understand nitr0's role other than IGL. Just baits his team all the time, going last. Why not follow gla1ve or karrigan and go be the entry fragger from time to time. Or be aggressive on CT si...
2-0 for Liquid
Spoke too soon? LMAO rekt. Cry is free How much BTW?
Indian school teacher
People like her abuse/fake as being from backward class to get into job easily. For example, if for a regular person, the passing marks is 80 percentile, a person from the reserved class will have the...
Indian school teacher
If by "Indian languages" you mean Hindi, then I don't want it.
Indian school teacher
Let the countdown begin.
device top1 2019?
Unbiased opinion here, #1 will be tough for him. Top2 confirmed if he plays with this form in the last 2 events and gets at least one MVP from them, but right now, ZyWOo and s2mple are individually be...
device top1 2019?