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IEM 2019 final
Nt but will be ex-SS vs ENCE
Windigo vs ENCE
haha np dude I have made the same mistake :D
Windigo vs ENCE
Is it me or is everyone with astralis flair a bit dumdum? Granted, its hard sometimes to spot sarcasm on paper. I was just making fun of his veto, he literally just looked at the win percentages of th...
I are think that aerial make bestest. It is day game so sergej in school. Still Ez4ence
Pasha and NEO
Windigo vs ENCE
But the best veto is to look at your win percentages and pick the highest and ban the lowest. Dur hur. Even if its your worst map like cache that you play only if forced to or know the other team does...
2019 roster change that could fix roster
But not about cs? Also -SunNy is a mistake. Sure his game has dropped a bit but I bet he will be hunting heads in minors.
I rate ur name on HLTV AMA
Almost everyones nicks are 8/10 or better. Could you come evaluate our test scores?
mouz in minor qualies ULTIMATE OMEGALUL
I am confused, who sucked STYKO?
Only Team to End Astralis Era
Never heard of those teams
Bernie Sanders
With public healthcare system you can improve the poor/low earning households ability to spend the money with making them pay lower tax rates than the rich ones, which in turn helps in economical grow...
No nuts November day 4 {18+}
That or you are already turning insane
The government is a bit retarded tho, some politicians in the parliament especially: not little but like really fucking retarded that just act and say retarded shit and they get elected because i supp...
60hz still playable?
Not ultra scientific, but what the heck... "eyes fps" rate, dots being the frames and "-" indicate time: ----.----.----.---- high hz monitor: -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- low hz: -.-----.-----.-----.---- wi...