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Roses are red, i am from Denmark, couple on meth stabs guy in central park.
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worst pro in top 30?
But they already have krimz and brollan, besides jw is underperforming more than flusha and he's main awp. But even with stats in mind you must be mentally ill if you think anyone from fnatic is the ...
Flamie ffs
b1t is not entry fragger tho
Isn't it cause of corona?
another "na" team
They did at the start I think but it was either against the rules or something I don't remember so they ended up moving back to eu. nvm read #8 must be because of major qualifier then
another "na" team
but col plays in eu
+18 reason i dont like reddit
Loba a**lickers?
Cause of dreamhack, they won vs sprout in qual
Your current PC specs
I'm waiting for 10nm intel but that's probably never gonna happen because they said release would happen in 2018 Q4 and now its 2021 Q3
Your current PC specs
lowest settings 1280x960
PC build help
This is 23000 AR above your budget but going lower is waste of money since you'll need to upgrade sooner. If you already have a functioning power supply then you can remove it from the shopping cart...
PC build help
I would have said intel if you wanted it for games like csgo which use only 4 cores, but since you want to do stuff that scale for the better when you have multiple cores I'd say ryzen. I'm building...
Astralis wasting talent on the bench?
I read somewhere on twitter, it was one of his teammates that confirmed that he was not benched due to toxicity. Either there was some other issue or it was because astralis we're on there way to buy ...
French scene ranked yes he is better than zywoo