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best thread of this year
Used to be a cheating fruit cake. Now just tier 2...
Vitality vs North
Vitality vs North
0/8 be quiet now
PC = Waste of Time.
Feelsbadman, no one deserves that start in life. Prove the all wrong! It is certainly not too late.
PC = Waste of Time.
Honest advice; read The Game. Not to use the specific techniques but to have som of the mindset rub off on you. Talking to girls is not dangerous (u just need an operer), show confidence even if you f...
Why is device still on astralis?
Biater trying to go full retard. Pass along. Nothing to see here.
Why is device still on astralis?
If you really believe that, why r u following at scene at all?!
Why is device still on astralis?
Cry cry cry
Gla1ve is lying.
R U KIDDING ME?! Is that the "evidence" you pull up?! Glaive knows where the damn bomb is planted. It is planted specifically for Drop so that he can do exactly this. They have rehearsed this scenario...
NiKo did nothing wrong stfu
Astralis are innocent victims of NiKos drunk driving. NiKo is a huge star, so of course it has a big effect on the community when he pulls a stunt like that. He has now in effect fed the trolls a bi...
Gla1ve and Xyp9x need to leave
Nice trolling, but all drama no substance today. Here is the clip in 1080 res that all pros use. Look at the ground, there is a shadow forming just before Xyp fires: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA...
Astralis Cheats?
Well here it actually is in 1080 res. Watch the ground, there is a small shadow just before Xyp fires: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAY8hOV7y9E&t=6h59m18s This was just with a the low res that all...
Astralis Cheats?
You do know that CS allows for players to customize a ton of settings right? I'll make a qualified bet that almost no CS pros use the exact same settings. So watching through my settings wont prove or...