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Astralis IPO
I don't see it, can you elaborate? If you just don't like the team that is fair, but from at purely financial technical analysis standpoint on eports brands, it seems very fair priced. And considerin...
Astralis IPO
Why so negative? It’s a leading company and brand within the space of esports, which grows 20% per year. They are offering stocks at a price that is very fair valued compared to the marked. Many othe...
Astralis IPO
Fake flag detected
Astralis IPO
Fake flair?
Astralis IPO
Not quite, as the major owners (combining more than 80% of current shares) will be locked from trading for 2 years after the IPO. Så they are not looking to exit.
jew hate in denmark
Astralis Trophy Disrespect
Mad cus bad
Astralis haters
Your comment contains rape content, and should be deleted
Astralis haters
Lucky for you, otherwise you would be broke
1 6 - 0
Blast copenhagen
Then go to one of the other streams! Unless you were en in crowd? In which case you were outvoted 12000 to 1. PS the Nuke thing was very unfortunate. They should make a rule to prevent that for happe...
Blast copenhagen
R u kidding me? When 98% of the people in the arena is cheering for Astralis why would you NOT show them on the big screen?! For someone who wants more atmosphere in the crowd, you sure know how to ki...
Best young player?
Stavn wants to know your location
Blast copenhagen
Oh then lets have a big event in Norway so you can show how it is done. Oh wait sorry, no scene..
How to trigger Poland
Thats interesting. In Denmark we are told that it is rude (or at least impolite) to say polak instead polish, but don’t think anyone knows why..