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Jesus...you guys are really spoilt and hard to satisfy. You have to admit it was a sick round by him. PERIOD.
s1mple destroyed NaVi
But isnt Navi top 1 rn? That’s not too bad for „ruining” 😛
your favorite pro clutch?
I would say NEO’s 1v5 against Dignitas. Just a perfect moment and reaction for such a clutch.
Astralis 2 eras?
I would say there is one long era. You don’t have to win everything to have an era. Their lowest ranking was top3 so I wouldn’t say the era ended they just had some weaker tournaments.
Karrigan leave fast
If you had actually read it you wouldve known my post wasnt even remotely about neo
Karrigan leave fast
Funny how just 3 months ago everyone was dissing NEO and praising Karrigan as the best IGL etc. and today the same people say shit about him. CS:GO so called fans accept nothing but perfect. One day y...
polish scene
I have to disagree. Having 3 experienced guys who understand eachother is priceless. On paper, skillwise the current VP lineup looks much stronger than the golden five BUT they don’t cooperate, make s...
polish scene
As crazy as it may seem...I really think a team with Pashabiceps, Neo, TaZ + 2 young talents (maybe Stomp and Dycha) would be able to get to the top. These guys' experience is what polish CS needs. We...
Neo GOAT explanation
Any rumours about NEO’s future? I feel like he was slowly getting back to form by the time of the major...I would like to see him continue in a new team.
VP-Arcy merge
Yup that’s a good roster. Michu and Dycha great aimers, NEO the most experiences player on Earth, Snatchie can be sick (if only he can be a bit less aggresive) and Rallen is probably the most well rou...
-Guardian +Who?
It probably wouldnt work but...shit I would like to see that ^^
-Guardian +Who?
Pashabiceps ;)