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Best scouter in cs go?
I would say Neo is a great scouter. Sometimes it feels like he can kill more with the scout than with the AWP.
Best IGL?
Right now or all time? If the latter then in the top 5 there should be whoever IGLed in VP - either TaZ or NEO. Every major pro team said they practically learned strats and smokes from Virtus.pro. It...
Best double AWP duo
Pasha + Snax / NEO. I liked the fact that in their prime VP had basically 3 skilled AWPers.
Which clutch will you always remember and from which player on which match?
“NEO, are you kiddin me?! ACE clutch right into the grand final!” VP vs Dignitas
How to fix NiP
I know what you mean but their fix is usually to “kick him and him”. If you followed hltv users’ instructions you would have to change the whole line up every day ;]
How to fix NiP
Hltv users have the tendency to fix everything, even if it does not need any fixes. I’d say top 10 in the whole world is pretty satisfying ;)
poland come here
Yea, why brother travelling anywhere then? There are many beautiful things to appreciate about our country.
poland come here
It’s a scary / depressing place but worth seeing too.
poland come here
No wonder you didn’t see anything interesting when you fap all day in your room, kiddo. Come to Poland, we have beautiful mountains, lakes, sea and historical cities like Gdansk, plenty attractions i...
NEO going to MVP PK?
He is just on his vacation in Korea and stopped by at MVP’s to hang out :)
pasha FPL
Naaah man, my English is just fine. Lost the „be” after „must”. You’re not the brightest one, aren’t you ?
pasha FPL
Oh you said something mean, you must so cool. Frame it and hang it on the wall, let everyone see.
pasha FPL
Fuck man...nothing is good enough for you
Virtus Pro. TBE confirmed
You have to admit they were pretty much untouchable when in form. Strange thing is that although individually there were better players, together they could beat any team.
0 0 10
I get it but it’s not like it’s a rule that he doesn’t frag, rather a rare exception.