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Best Roster Moves 2019
Wifi lag accidental 5 threads made when I click button
Best Roster Moves 2019
Yes wifi lag when I click button and 5 threads were made
Best Roster Moves 2019
Wifi lag lol I clicked button and it made 5 threads
Top five colors
Red Blue White Gold Brown
Glave. FalleN Karrigan
fnatic vs FaZe
Fnatic ban vertigo FaZe ban Train Fnatic pick Mirage FaZe pick Dust 2 Fnatic ban Nuke FaZe ban Overpass Inferno Decider Fnatic win Dust 2 16-14 Fnatic win Mirage 16-9 2-0 Fnatic
Liquid & EG player swap
Yes, there is no shuffle needed as of now, however, when NA starts losing and not contending for trophies, a shuffle will come forth. There is too much fragging talent in the scene right now in the sc...
Liquid & EG player swap
Stan Elige Brezhe Creq Twistzz
Top 5 Eras
Yeah, I guess the thing is though LDLC was a better team; however, they became good just as Fnatic did so they never had the chance to establish anything close to an era. Verygames did, however, have ...
Top 5 Eras
Astralis 2018/19 Fnatic 2015 NiP 2012/13 SK/LG 2016/17 Liquid 2019/Fnatic 2016 FaZe 2017/18 Verygames 2014
Top 20 players REAL
Frankly, it's very hard to get an accurate top 20. Every team right now is just so good. In a world where anyone can make a plausible case for any team in the top 4 being number one, top layers are ha...
Your dream team
Astralis. The best team of all time. There will NEVER be a better team lol.
Worst roster move in history
Worst roster moves in order Ence 2019 FaZe 2018 MIBR 2018 Fnatic/GODSENT 2016 C9 last 2 years
Sk cs team ?
They'd get outbid by larger orgs like OG
NaVi on paper are an insane roster, but in game it looks to be a different story. They are not doing much wrong. They are just missing shot here and there and not playing that well as a team.