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+Twistzz which team?
ffs stop saying twistzz to FaZe faze need a lurk and twistzz is not a lurk
Pre-FalleN Liquid Fans come here
I mean yeah but that was at the very tail end and I think objectively he was probably the best performer behind maybe kNg at times.
Pre-FalleN Liquid Fans come here
Hard to get high ratings when your team is always losing. FalleN had to AWP which in the current meta is a very demanding role and also IGL which is the biggest and most demanding role and never less,...
Pre-FalleN Liquid Fans come here
FalleN said he would be open to only playing AWP and not IGL as well, not that he will be playing only AWP. In other words, he would be open to doing whatever the team feels they need.
Pre-FalleN Liquid Fans come here
People shit on FalleN because of the failure of MIBR, but look at what he had to work with on that roster. TACO had completely gone to shit. Fer's aggressive flank player style had become easy to read...
TOP 5 aimers
FaZe flusha FaZe Twistzz
I would like to see Flusha join without the trio, and then have an IGL join. Imagine a team with Flusha as support and then karrigan as IGL. Flusha is probably the second-best support player of all ti...
yeah but out here we don't get ravaged by hurricanes annually.
Imagine living in cold weather, couldn't be me.
D2 is shit, replace it with Ancient
Been Global before played faceit etc. and in all honesty Dust 2 and Mirage are soo fucking stale. Its like playing the same thing over and over. You are right in that it is all just mid to b or plays ...
Best AWP/rifle hybrid?
Pretty much every top 1 player ever excluding GTR
NAF Elige Stew Junior Grim
Honestly, I would like to see him given a chance just as a stand-in for 1 event.
best player in ur country's history
fRoD and ELiGE are the best.