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cod "Pride of Sacramento" gun

All real europoors and burgers are descendents of alpha POLISH genes geographically, the original cavemen had to move through POLAND from SIBERIA to get to JERMANY and then rest of western world and as all good humans are JERMAN, they must also be POLISH look at burger names like JABLONOWSKI, KURWASKI, SMOOYASKI, and ZYWOOSKI. look at euro names like SIM(PL)E note: POLAND did not lose WW1 as JERMANY did as well, proving their superiority long before counter-strike

name checks out but where is russian spy device (aka Maxim Devickezevski Ivanovich)? have you noticed lulstralis' recent losses to NaVi? have you noticed NaVi is now a russian team? exactly. the true brains behind lulstralis has always been Devickezevski and it has been rumoured his intelligence rivals his comrade Xypn9x's (aka Xypnovikov) cranial size. in truth, russia's dominance in CS is only part of a larger plan to seize the world and restart the Russian Empire headed by no other than markeloff hence his absence. you see, markeloff has direct bloodline to the throne and is a great grandson of the fabled escaped princess of the final tsar. russian superiority will again come. in short, device is actually a russian citizen with long lasting russian blood.

not true HLTV Confirmed is the last bastion of western media. it continuously performs better than any other form of entertainment including CS itself. the writing is spectacular, the performance of the actors remains top notch, especially how Kyle Durden (the man behind SPUNJ) continues to exceed levels of retardation while remaining realistic. especially how comically they write the characters out themselves. CHAD? omegalul. it remains a highlight of the satire genre going back to the beginning of film. the casting was exceptional too. the face of Nomad always gives me a chuckle even in my darkest moments. I enjoy how they parody actual analysts like Duncan Shields and Apex and emphasize the true superiority of their content while remaining a nice example of the fake documentary type shows like the office and in many ways even surpass a staple of that genre like the office. It's unfortunate not enough people are aware of the true genius of this exceptional comedy.


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