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BL4ZE vs Gaming Hub
Well someone's going to have an edge on the T side
1xBet official Q&A
Thank you i have sent you my details in pm
1xBet official Q&A
Hi i had previously complained once that no items or any amount similar to those items were returned when there was a trade ban of 7 days issued by valve on cosmetic items even though my items on you...
Rate karrigan GF
left notail for karrigan that is the worst decision she could ever take xd
Genuine vs MC
Defended 3 rounds of full buy only to lose to a half buy and go to overtime I don't even get how
Aristocracy vs Spirit
So 10 straight rounds no prob First round in ot and lost
North vs Tricked
Clear throw cause they have a match with fnatic in ecs
mousesports vs Virtus.pro
Someone please give a clip of the 4 v 2 defuse
Copenhagen Flames vs North
i am pretty sure he left cause in a lot of interviews zonic said they dont know why he chose to make that decision and if he was actually booted why would he say himself that he left ?? doesnt make se...
Copenhagen Flames vs North
To think kjaerbye left astralis for this shit hole of a team 😂😂😂😂
MIBR vs Renegades
Taco baiting in knife round too Omega Lul
Heroic vs Hard Legion
Seriously what is this Can't they take an eco round for once and go in with proper nades and guns Jesus my eyes are bleeding from the gameplay
Vitality vs mousesports
so whichever teams starts the T side first loses when they are on the CT sides...what happened to these teams CT sides , no way T side is the favorable side now Either both the teams became dumb in ca...
Unique vs SJ
Well they are probably below 20 so
Tricked vs mousesports
i'm not pessimistic but it hurts to see them lose the way they did you are 13:6 on a map you clearly have better skill but you lose cause of lack of teamplay now consider this in other situations if ...