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This team don't have a solid structure. Their igl don't have the ability to read the game and measure strats. I thought ViCi might have a better future rather this team. If somebody(the guy from tyloo...
china accuse USA for corona virus !!!
CGTN was former CCTV international, a part of propaganda system. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Global_Television_Network
china accuse USA for corona virus !!!
https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/save-independent-reporter-chen-qiushi-and-brave-wuhan-citizen-fang-bin Those ppl did right things either dead or missing.
china accuse USA for corona virus !!!
As what happened in XinJiang, and what they did to their ppl. China isn't just communist, but also some sort of nazism-like. They probably would be more destructive to humanity in future. Never make d...
Stewie Replacements?
100 Thieves vs TYLOO
It's no-brain style. Really thinking your opponents are bots? btw why he repeated the fatal all the time and never learn from it. As for Freeman, it seems he fought alone, nobody corporated with him.
mousesports vs TYLOO
Nah. Easy opponents easy rating. Tyloo will be eliminated in first day as usual.
BnTeT good player
Yeah. He is really talented in this game.
mousesports vs TYLOO
No BnTeT no party.
Gen.G vs North
Riot Squad vs Gen.G
Then who gonna be igl?
China or Russia
Russia is better compare to China. Russia has one more parties, so ppl can choose what they believe in, but there is no such choice in China. In history, China had isolated themselves to outside world...