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If you are eu write back. 2200 elo i was 2500
Vitality vs
I am fan of french cs sooo ;) it was just my bet i dont even like vp but they used to play like this. Losing to ninamers and winning to good teams. Not this time
Vitality vs
I bet hard 2:1 for vp. I know that they are losing to any shit team but its nothing new. I think they have prepared well for this match to prove that they can win with good teams.
Top 6 country in CSGO history
Yea nice to see such a old stager on top :DD
18+ Most sexiest woman at Earth
I can tell your IQ
1-Best soccer player of the 21st century: Ronaldo 2-Favorite song, albums and band: actually polish song ''Malik - Jagodzianki''. General David Guetta 3-Legalization of abortion, yes or no: no 4- Rate...
Best aimers
Scream Byali Shox RIP old times
Berlin Major winners?
lul because i am a fan of person who is one of the biggest legend in cs history? and i am not astralis fan like 80% of community right now ?
Berlin Major winners?
they will not even quali lul
Berlin major winners
Poland stupid country
yea because you are an ignorant who can only say that german is the best country in the world and polacks are robbers. Typical uneducated german guy
Poland stupid country
i am not watching any news in tv because same like in your country there is too many agitation. The best source is internet not tv
Poland stupid country
but you can write here what is the lie from this article
Poland stupid country
i was looking for german source but there is 0 information about that. You are living in deceitful country which spreads shit about Poland to avoid their past