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Put pressure in groinal area. Works every time mens)
favorite rock band
Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Led Zep. Tool and Porcupine Tree are also great
if trump gets Reelected
The consensus among the psychology field is that we really can't function without ANY meaning, so I certainly agree with your assessment. The vast majority of the time, people do ascribe meaning to at...
+1 for the most part I don't however believe that those who ascribe absolutely no meaning to life, or those who mistakenly believe so approach meaning in this way, decisions and actions don't always ...
Nietzsche did indeed fail, but others have different outlooks. I stand by the fact that meaning is possible without religion, a higher purpose isn't the only means. Often people find meaning in others...
There are numerous individuals who have found meaning without religion. It is not a necessity, as proven by Tolstoy and Frankl. I would recommend reading A Confession by Tolstoy, great little book rel...
Combatting pervasive nihilism is the most important function of philosophy. Meaninglessness is crippling and when it incites a curse of being itself it can create grest tragedy. The fricken columbine ...
Abortion is identical to murder?
It has all of the genetic makeup that determines it human. Upon implantation of a fertilized egg in the cell wall, the probability that the egg will grow into a healthy human being is very high, rates...
1 hour of concentration camp footage
My great grandfather was part of the battalion that took the first concentration camp and he ended up taking pictures with his camera... He also wrote a letter to his mother after it and it and the de...
gun crime
I mean I was initially referring to your wikipedia source, but by state is kind of irrelevant as it is the aggregate by country that we are looking for. That source doesn't even show the averages of t...
gun crime
The graph mixed up homicides and total gun deaths. If you look at the total gun deaths the numbers match up ¯\_(:/)_/¯