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life after 30
To be honest life is pointless from the get go. The question is whether you've got enough happiness hormones in your brain. If you don't have 'em, you're fucked and every day becomes a slow-burning t...
FaZe fans come here
Praying has been proven to be worthless. It might ease your mental pain but other than that it does nothing.
is evolution false?
Why do you keep on showing your complete illiteracy and lack of understanding of basic evolution principles? Monkeys and homo sapience have a common ancestor. It doesn't mean monkeys can evolve into ...
Is something wrong with me?
Try to imagine yourself in front of the car when it hit the crowd. Are you still laughing? If you are, maybe you're a psychopath or egregious sadist.
Astralis please
+1 device misses SO many easy shots it's fooking embarrassing.
Complexity vs Astralis
Never seen device miss so many easy shots. He lost them this map, he lost them the previous matchup against NiP. Looks like he doesn't care. It would be great if they replaced him (temporary) with es...
Actually they are among the best casters ever. Funny, smart, knowledgeable and not repetitive as fook as e.g. the machine.
NT Kremlin bot. It's amazing that you're paid to look after even the smallest most stupid websites made for teenagers.
Liquid vs TeamOne
TeamOne had a much better teamwork, strats but they lost aimwise. Kinda expected.
I guess your HZ
CSGO 16 hundred hours. You're wrong! even before you try to guess.