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cant open csgo
This is another reason to stop. Valve is becoming more retarded every update. They get paid so much just to fuck everyone else over. Shit company
Second Major of 2019
Its vice versa for majors in EU and NA, the worst time zones for Asians, New Zealanders and Australians.
Second Major of 2019
Inb4 Major in Australia
word.exe has stopped working.
IGNITE vs The Foxes
word.exe has stopped working.
word.exe not responding
Astralis vs Windigo
EZ 4 the Bulgarians xD. JK, Astralis gonna woop that ass. Maybe Windigo should use word.exe
Yes, I think I lost some brain cells reading these comments and thread. Don't use drugs.
My Major Pick’Em Challenge Predictions
I reckon that complexety will win at least 1 map, I think that Vega / Gambit will be 0-3
csgo major>ti8
I mean It would be good if Valve decided to add additional prize money to the prize money pool like they did with DOTA 2, like 25% of the stickers/capsules bought in game will go to the prize pool, th...
csgo major>ti8
True true, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have mine and you have your's, ain't no way I can change that
csgo major>ti8
Well Prize Money doesn't relate to hype for me that much, but it makes it more intense for me because there is a shit ton of money that could be made or lost at one mistake. And honestly CS:GO Majors ...
csgo major>ti8
Well, It honestly depends on preference. I enjoy watching TI because well there really is no matches or tournaments to watch. But I got very hyped during the games and I don't play DOTA 2 that much. I...
Predicts to eleague?
I actually really don't know all the times are complete and utter ass right now
Smooya will carry BIG to grandfinal and become NiftyFifty 2.0 and win the major